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Even in today's age of digital and on the web marketing, there is no promotional avenue bigger than outdoor or billboard marketing that no doubt grabs eyeballs. According to the US Dept. of Transportation, there are 53% more vehicles on the road today, than there were around 30 years ago, which indicates that far more folks are watching billboard advertisements than ever prior to. In the present financial scenario, traditional media platforms like radio, newspapers and television, are operating under tremendous stress, however outdoor or billboard advertising is anticipated to develop strongly. Not surprisingly about $five.five billion are spent on outdoor marketing each year in the US, and this figure is expected to rise this year also.'cheap

The advent of digital video recorders such as TiVo has enabled viewers to skip by way of advertisements shown on tv causing advertisers and sponsors significant loss in income. This is getting tackled by employing digital broadcast systems in outdoor public places. Kiosks equipped with LCD screens and customized software program can be discovered in public areas like parks, subways, and gas stations, along with digital televisions. This has also been integrated with Point of Purchase marketing, with several retailers obtaining LCD equipped stand-alone systems, where the buyer can acquire solution info and even make a acquire utilizing his credit card.